Sunday, October 13, 2019




I'm so happy to finally publish this site.  It has been a dream for a long time but somehow 80 hour work weeks as a resident got in the way.

Each week I will share something that I learned or encountered in my ecclesiastical or medical vocations that can strengthen spiritual, physical, or mental health. Focusing on these core areas is important because they provide a strong and balanced foundation. I believe that it is through this foundation that abundant life is found. And we can all find that abundant life we are promised, regardless of how old we are or what circumstances we may find ourselves in. Remember, you can't change the past but only you are the author of your future...

So check back each week for a bite of information that can help along the way.


  1. How can someone get in touch with you. All of your contact information has you at 5190 Neil Road?

    1. I receive mail at the Neil Road address. For appointments I work through NNAMHS and also Dr. Malina's office in Reno.


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